7 Reasons You Must Not Miss KL to Singapore Travel by Bus

When it comes to traveling, then it can be a hectic job to decide by which mode of transport to travel. The first and far most thing to consider is the distance if it’s a short journey and you intend to relax, and then the bus is the best option to travel by. The daily scheduled buses and considerably low price link Kuala Lumpur to Singapore approximately covering a distance of 350 kilometers in about 4-6 hours. Travel by bus from KL to Singapore for some obvious reasons which are mentioned below.

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Convenient Check-In Time

Let’s say you were to take a flight to reach to Singapore, you’ll have to travel for an hour to the airport and then check-in 2 hours before your departure time. Unlike in the case of a bus, you only have to check-in before 30 minutes and that is all you have to spend from your tight schedule. Many passengers choose to travel by bus from KL to Singapore because the total time almost comes to same, considering the time traveling to the airport, check-in, boarding, the flight time, etc.

Very Popular

The bus route is very popular with millions of people travelers taking buses from KL to Singapore. Especially, when is it more comfortable, convenient and not heavy on your pockets. It is the most common mode to travel from KL to Singapore compared to other transportations such as train and the flights.

Budget Deal

The travel is smooth, simple and comfortable, not just to your body but also to your pockets as well. A standard ticket fare costs something around RM 50 or SGD 30, it can range from RM 45 to RM 100 (SGD 20- SGD 45).

Easy To Board

It is always difficult in other modes of transport to travel and reach to their starting point. Buses offer more convenient and simple locations to the board and the departure is always in the city area. You don’t have to start your travel 2 hours prior to your departure to reach you starting point.

Coach Options

You have options to choose from a variety of seats available on the bus. The bus is comfortable where you can have the reclining seat and are spacious. There are even more luxurious buses which give you another reason to travel by bus. Some amenities like Wi-Fi and personal TVs for your entertainment. They make sure you have the best of the experience of your bus travel.


When you are on a tight schedule and choose to take flight instead, but what if you are on a low budget and intend to reach on time. The approximate duration to travel by bus is about 5 hours. There are buses that offer direct services from KL to Singapore without making any stops other than a washroom break.

Safe and Comfortable

The journey from KL to Singapore is very safe, convenient, faster than some other transportation and comfortable. You have options of choosing your departure point, the bus operators have different departure points set up in the city are for your easy.

If you’re thinking to travel to KL to Singapore then take the bus route and experience the adventurous journey by bus. It is cost efficient, comfortable, comparably fast and easy to board. The bus route offers some tempting reasons to ignore and miss the travel by bus from KL to Singapore.