Singapore – a crucible of many Asian cultures

Singapore is a small country located in the Indian Ocean. It is the only island city state in the world. Singapore occupies a unique position in the Malacca strait. It is situated in the narrow strait between Malaysia and Indonesia. However the city-state is far ahead of both these countries when it comes to the economic indicators and human development index. The country fuelled its growth by following market economic policies and is a vanguard for economic reforms in the region. Singapore has people from many ethnicities and the state has four main languages. The success of the nation can be attributed to the harmony among the people from various ethnicities and religions. It has been a model state for many years now. Due to the influences of various ethnicities and religions, the culture of Singapore is a homogenous mixture in which all these people lead a happy life coupled with economic prosperity. Singapore is a wonderful location for your vacations and honeymoon.

Enjoy the travel

All over Asia, many couples come here to celebrate their wedding and enjoy the country. Although the land is limited in Singapore it has many important monuments to be seen. The mixture of cultures has transformed the place into a utopia like region. One can see Christian churches alongside Hindu temple and Islamic mosques. These sights are very rare in other countries but not here. Moreover the languages of the country are all given equal preference. While the other island nations in Asia like Sri Lanka have been notorious for their major policies, all the languages are given recognition in the country.

Use the local trains to travel within Singapore

Due to all the above mentioned reasons, Singapore forms an ideal travel destination. In fact it is also a wonderful destination to make investments. The return on investments in this country is fairly higher than in other countries. The country with a high literacy rate and human development index is a pioneer in many fields. So, whether you want to get to the nation for business purposes or for pleasure, you should consider booking your Train ticket to Singapore as it helps you to explore the country in its full glory and character. You can book the train tickets from many websites which provides online ticket booking facility. It is not only cheaper but also convenient. Moreover the online booking companies that offers the facility also gives you a discount for repetitive booking.